Neclivis is building a platform that will transform how infrastructure & building is designed, delivered and operated, enabling better outcomes for all.


First and foremost our designs are developed to achieve our client’s objectives. For most clients this will be a gradual process building on the previous knowledge and decisions as a project moves through the steady build up of understanding and commitment.

That does not diminish the opportunity to challenge design assumptions where necessary to establish a winning design, either through competitive dialogue or internal review. The rigor provided by commercial competition keeps our designs honed and keen. We build the team to suit the project, drawing on our experience and understanding of the key issues and constraints.

We are used to a team approach on complex and high value projects and the ability to form cooperative and constructive project teams is a core value that is part of the Neclivis ethos. Understanding what is important to the client is also fundamental and we seek to establish this from day one.

But simply understanding the constraints and requirements is not enough. We strive to get to the winning idea or alternative approach that will provide a competitive edge and put our solutions ahead of the pack. The opportunity may often be in minimizing material quantities, but a wider view is always taken to investigate other factors such as construction techniques or the use of innovative materials.


Driven by a design philosophy which considers the context and climate of a project at all times, we help our customers to realize their goals while also being responsible to society and the environment.

The successes we deliver are built on a truly collaborative relationship with our clients and belief in the power of collective thinking. We draw on a global network of like-minded, visionary architects, design studios, multidisciplinary in-house teams and trusted partners.

Together, we combine local community knowledge with cutting-edge technology to deliver integrated and inspiring environments, from small interior design commissions through to city master plans and large-scale building projects.

Interior & Exterior Design

From hotels to schools, offices, laboratories and residential buildings, our interior designers bring our clients’ spaces to life. By responding to their needs, values and aspirations with responsive, bespoke and high-quality designs, we create environments that work and inspire.

We’re dedicated to delivering designs that harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and our clients thrive on our ability to solve problems through creativity, collaboration and flexibility. This approach allows us to use our industry-leading technical expertise so that we have the edge when developing dynamic interiors for any environment.

Landscape design

Our landscape designers use their flair for creating imaginative and memorable spaces, blending the technical demands of a brief with the natural constraints of location.

We plan, design and implement sustainable and inspirational solutions across a full range of sites, both in rural and urban locations across the world.

From concept feasibility through planning to full implementation on the ground, we enable our clients to achieve the best results from any public or private space, delivering a practical balance between the long-term health of the environment and the demands of modern day living.

Master planning & urban designing

Master planning must be both visionary and practical – allowing our clients to achieve full development potential. We combine analysis of the policy, planning and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial, cost and phasing implications to meet our customers’ objectives. We also deliver master planning for station and interchange buildings, together with adjacent associated mixed-use developments. Our clients come to us not only for our wide-ranging, forward-looking expertise but for the decades of success that provide the foundations for every new project.


Our comprehensive civil engineering consultation and advice supports our clients from concept design through to construction and operation. Our clients trust our deep-seated expertise across all critical infrastructure – whether they require, mixed-use developments, or any other type of civil engineering solution. We co-ordinate large multi-disciplinary teams to create fully integrated engineering solutions, drawing on our extensive international experience to provide our clients with new and different perspectives.

We also work with our clients to understand their specific needs and engage contractors and utility providers to reach a collaborative solution. Our focus on building relationships and a mutual understanding of the end-goal helps reduce the time and cost of delivery.

Our Contracting business offers the full range of specialist engineering, civil construction and asset management. We have built an outstanding reputation in selective Building and infrastructure markets based on developing distinctive engineering solutions that accelerate the construction process and deliver operational efficiencies to owners and end-users.

We help our clients with:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Site remediation and enabling works
  • Major civil works packages, like pile and deep foundations, tunneling and underground services
  • Project cost management
  • Digital 3D modeling and building animations
  • Cold Storages buildings
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • Precast and modular solutions
  • Mechanical, electrical and process installations
  • Plant and equipment management
  • Industrial plant installation and maintenance

Building Services

Our building services engineers provide a comprehensive environmental, mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy service with an impressive track-record – delivering an extensive portfolio of projects.

As the world our clients operate in continues to change at breakneck speed, they increasingly trust us to deliver solutions with the sustainable, low-carbon considerations that will ensure reliable, long-term success. We achieve this by combining technology and creative thinking to produce sustainable design solutions that meet wide-ranging needs and maximize efficiency for both new build and refurbishments.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers deliver complete services to our clients across the energy, water and built environment sectors, encompassing all aspects of design and project management.

Those services include electrical engineering services include tendering, procurement, surveying, design of electrical distribution systems and more.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team combines an in-depth understanding of engineering principles, technological opportunities, construction processes and in-service use – all of which are tailored to our clients’ end goals.

We have the breadth and depth of experience to tackle any structure our clients can conceive of, from new rail stations or schools to bridges and nuclear power stations.

Our structural engineers can produce fully coordinated and integrated designs that not only ensure successful solutions but optimize the construction process and minimize maintenance costs along the way.

Collaborate with clients and partners

Collaborate with clients and partners