What We Do

We fund, design, manufacture, construct and maintain the environment we build, providing the facilities to accommodate, educate, employ, transport, care for and sustain communities.


We provide engineering, consultation, construction, project management and operational maintenance services for Lifestyle markets covering hotels, resorts, residences, Malls, sports and leisure projects allover the world.







We understand the need for early collaboration with all clients to balance the interests between creating an inspiring learning environment. We provide smart, cost-effective solutions that deliver higher quality in any limited time.


Healthcare projects are amongst the most complex and time critical in construction. We have a core capability in the social or remote indigenous housing and urban regeneration market. We provide smart, cost-effective solutions that deliver higher quality in any limited time.


Be it in India or abroad, stadiums and convention centres attract the public. In the said amount of time and cost, Neclivis offers innovative ideas and make them practical.


We have played a leading role in the construction and maintenance of some of the leading projects in highways and bridges. We understand and closely work with the transport operators and the commissioning agencies to deliver safe and fit-for-purpose transport systems, minimizing the disruption to commuters and maximizing the return on capital investment.


Neclivis Corp offers, with our 'Design Build Maintain' and complete technical and construction services to plan, engineer, construct and upgrade major highway schemes. Our skilled and multi-disciplinary teams specialize in geotechnical and materials engineering, offsite manufacturing of standard product sets, including bridges, public administration and community liaison.


As an essential resource to sustain life, effective water capture, treatment and supply are of increasing concern to the world now. Neclivis Corp. have innovative solutions to effectively manage clean water and waste water assets. We have the expertise required to deliver fit-for-purpose end products that meet the health and environmental needs of the communities we serve.


Our infrastructure business offer the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management. We have built an outstanding reputation in selective infrastructure markets based on developing distinctive engineering solutions that accelerate the construction process and deliver operational efficiencies to owners and end-users.

We help our clients with:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Site remediation and enabling works
  • Major civil works packages, like pile and deep foundations, tunnelling and underground services
  • Project cost management
  • Digital modelling and building animations
  • Program management services
  • Precast and modular solutions
  • International procurement and logistics management
  • Mechanical, electrical and process installations
  • Mining and mineral rail network and portside handling installations
  • Plant and equipment management
  • Industrial plant installation and maintenance


Our expertise covers all procurement and contracting models, enhanced through experience across residential, mixed-use, transport, education and health facilities. Our development philosophy is based on a commitment to delivering performance levels that meet or exceed our clients’ schedule, budget, quality and safety and sustainability goals.

We help with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment and ownership appraisals
  • Structured financing
  • Site acquisition
  • Project planning
  • Construction delivery
  • Facilities management

Deliver our promises, aim to exceed expectations

Collaborate with clients and partners